Renee M. Chacon: Organize to Restore our Community


Its time for restorative justice....

We need transformative leaders who are trauma sensitive to insidious forms of systemic violence to be good living ancestors to protect communities and our connection to our biosphere. We all need to have the courage and humility to recognize the reality harming us all now. We know where systems are failing us as disproportionately impacted communities and now is the time to change it with transparency, community monitoring, community modeling highlighting cultural resilience narratives and inclusion. There needs to be redistribution of wealth by having corporations fund the harm we know they are causing to our communities safety and health. To heal lack of affordable housing for DIC there can be a redistribution of land and urban properties for long term ownership and stewardship with enforceable protections to provide authentic acknowledgment and justice to communities public health, safety, and rights to thrive including recognizing the rights of nature to be cleaned and protected.


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